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Ingress is a sort of RPG that combines traditional elements of role with augmented reality technology to provide a completely different experience from what you're used to (especially on smartphones).

When you start playing, you have to pick a side: the Illuminati or the Resistance. Whichever side you choose, the gameplay is very similar, though your objectives will change dramatically. The Illuminati wants to contaminate different areas of your cities, while the Resistance wants to save humanity.

The best part of Ingress is that the game takes place all over the world. In other words, you can move anywhere in your own city and, thanks to augmented reality, turn any street, square, cafe, or whatever into part of your game. There could be a hidden doorway anywhere.

In the end, Ingress becomes a mix of strategy and RPG, where you have to conquer areas and make progress with the aim of defeating the enemy faction – or at least defeating them within your territory, which is something.

Ingress is a special game, a unique experience that anyone on Android and now also iOS should try at least once.
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