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Ingress is a kind of role playing game that combines some traditional elements with augmented reality technology to provide a completely different experience to what we are used to (especially on mobile devices).

Before you start playing, you must decide which of the two sides you want to join: the Illuminati or the Resistance. Whichever one you choose the gameplay will be pretty much the same, but your goals will change radically. While the former want to contaminate areas of our cities, the latter just want to save humanity.

The best thing in Ingress is that the whole world becomes the game´s playing field. That is, the player can move around in any part of their own city and, thanks to augmented reality, convert any street, park, coffee shop or whatever in their own personal game space. You can find hidden portals everywhere.

Finally, and to give you a better idea of how it works, Ingress is a blend of strategy and RPG, where you have to conquer areas and expand, with the ultimate aim of defeating the enemy side. Or at least, get them out of your own area, which is quite a task in itself.

Ingress is a very special game, a unique experience that any Android user should try at least once. Could this be the future of gaming?
Ingress Prime, Pokemon GO creators' original claim to fame is back

Way back in 2012, the first version of Ingress started to take off. A videogame that changed the way in which Android titles used geolocation and GPS to create a fun experience. It had such an impact that, years later, this premise was used to bring us the one and only Pokémon GO. Now, with this excellent reputation and enormous following behind it, the game that started it all is back with a completely new look and an enormous promotional campaign, to the point of releasing an animated series on Netflix. Ingress Prime intends to be bigger than the monsters from Nintendo.
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